Geelong Eastern Summer Eight Ball Association Inc 


All references in these by-laws to the following: player/s, captain/s, club/s, hotel/s, team/s, refer entirely to be registered GESEBA players and affiliated clubs.


1.  All games will be played according to the rules as set out by the World Eight Ball Federation. Copies of these rules can be obtained from the secretary of the association if required.

2.  Disputes about these rules that cannot be resolved on the night of play, can be directed to the committee for clarification.

3.  All competition tables must be seven feet by three feet six inches and comply with Executive committee  standards. Balls shall be a spotted white ball with 2 inch red/yellow balls and a direct light must appear over all competition tables.


4.  Umpiring will alternate between home and visiting teams. Changes to umpiring made by captains on the night will not affect any other game in that or any other division.


5.  Home captains are responsible for the on-line submission of the results.

6.(A) Home captain must take a photo of the scoreboard at the completion of the match.

6.(B) If on-line scores are not submitted and the home captain cannot produce evidence of the results then a 6-0 loss to the home side will result.

6.(C) If a captain intends to protest about the result of a match (not about the rulings), he/she should tell the opposing captain of his intention and in this case must contact the secretary to register the complaint.

6.(D) The committee will decide all protests.




7.  All teams must have players names on the scoreboard by 7.00pm. No alterations to the playing order or team composition is allowed WITHOUT mutual consent of both captains.

8.  Play must commence no later than 7.15pm.

9.  In the instance of coin operated tables, home teams are responsible to pay for such tables.

10. No more than 2 emergencies may be named for any game.

11. Any player not in attendance to commence their game at the required time, or return from a time-out at a reasonable time shall forfeit the game.

12. In any home and away match no frame may be commenced after 11.00pm. A frame begun before 11.00pm may be finished and count in the result. Any frame commenced after 11.00pm will not be counted.

13. Failure to comply with any of these match rules will result in a 6-0 loss to the offending team.


14. All player registrations and monies must be received by the treasurer or secretary of the association prior to round 4. Failure will result in a 6-0 loss to the offending team for each occurrence.

15. No registrations of players will be taken after Round 11 of any season and no clearances will be taken after Round 7 of any season.


16. Clearances are only required by players transferring during the current season.

17. (a) Any hotel/club that has one or more  teams in the same division  can transfer players from one team to another within their own  hotel without a clearance till round 7.

      (b) Any player who plays in different teams within the same division must from round 8 on not change teams for the remainder of the season. (ie: whichever team you play in in round 8 is where you play for the remainder of the season.)

       (c) Any hotel/club that has teams in the same division  who transfers from one team to another within their own hotel/club without a clearance after the first game played after round 8 will result in a 6- 0 loss on that night to the team playing the non cleared player.

18. A player may not transfer to another team/club in same season without a clearance.

19. Any player requiring a clearance from one club to another, shall request such a transfer in writing, and must be signed by the team captains from the two clubs involved. Transfer requests must be in the hands of the secretary at least 8 days before being eligible to play.

20. A player may play 6 games in any division team. Any player playing more than 6 games is not eligible to play in a lower division game. If this occurs a 6-0 loss will be incurred to the offending team. 

21. If a team is short you may play a fill in player (without registering him) for that match. This can only be done twice for the season with different players.  If he plays a second match for that club regardless of what division or team he must then be registered. In this situation read rule 15. (ie: No player as a fill in can play his second match after Round 11 unless he is registered prior to round 11.)

 This is only able to be done until and including round 11. If a club/hotel plays a new player after round 11 a 6-0 loss will be incurred to the offending club.



21. A player must have played a minimum of 3 (three) GESEBA home and away games to be eligible to play in any final series games.

22. Games for any individual player count toward the final eligibility only AFTER the player is registered and registration monies have been paid. For fill in players their first match will count towards final qualification providing they are registered before playing their second game.

23. Being named as an emergency and NOT playing in that match, does not count as having played a game for the purpose of finals qualification.

24. Being named on the scoresheet as a singles player and NOT playing in that match (ie: Giving the opposition player a walkover or utilizing their teams  emergency player), does  count as having played a game for the purpose of finals qualification in the following circumstances.

(a) If a players name is on the team sheet and he does turn up but his opponent doesn’t and he receives a walkover then it does count towards finals qualification.

(b) If a players name is on the team sheet and he doesn’t turn up, therefore giving his opponent a walkover does NOT count towards finals qualification.

25. A player taking part in any finals series may not take part in a lower division final.


26. Players under the age of 18 may compete in the GESEBA, and this MUST be done within the Liquor Licensing Laws as set out by Victorian State Parliament. An underage player MUST be accompanied by a parent, court appointed legal guardian, or spouse.

In the instance of Adult Entertainment being offered at a particular venue, a player under the age of 18 MUST NOT play at that venue.


1st Semi Final              3   v   4

2nd Semi Final             1   v   2

Preliminary Final         Winner  of :    1st Semi v Loser 2nd Semi Final

Grand Final               Winner  of :    2nd Semi  v Winner of Preliminary Final